New and Improved Detroit Mountain Recreation Area Open for Season

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With the opening weekend for the new Detroit Mountain Recreation Area underway, it looks to be a promising season. The slopes have been met with rave reviews. After ten years of no smiles, no skiers and no fun, it’s back.

“The newest four season recreation area in Minnesota,” exclaimed General Manager Jeff Staley.

Staley explains that the new Detroit Mountain Recreation Area is a winter wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts.

"Offering obviously skiing, snowboarding, tubing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter time, and then mountain biking and hiking in the summer time,” he said.

Staley walked Valley News Live through the history of the facility, explaining that it operated for over 50 years before it shut down in 2004. During that half century, it built generations of winter sports fans. Now, Staley said the old can relive those memories and the young are building their own.

"We've got four year olds up to mid-80’s and everybody just really loves it and enjoys it,” explained Staley.

For those hitting the slopes today, they couldn’t agree more.

"It’s great. Just being able to know that you have a big skiing hill in your backyard, it's awesome,” said Spencer Heimark of Detroit Lakes.

"Everyone came together to make it happen and it’s like the best thing ever to be able to go and ski whenever you want,” exclaimed snow lover Sallee Stowman.

"It’s been great! They've got the machines running overnight and if you get out here early you can go out and hit the slopes pretty hard and it’s pretty fun out there,” said Detroit Lakes resident Kelvin Price.

Fun, smiles and skis: the steady stream of traffic all day long confirmed the excitement over the new Detroit Mountain Recreation Area.

The new facility boasts a lodge that includes a café, a saloon, equipment rentals and more. Daily lift tickets range from free for children five and under up to $40 for an adult. Rates drop after 3 pm daily. For more information, visit their website at