SWAT Team averages 12 to 13 calls a year

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"I used to live in Fargo, that's a whole different story. It's quiet out here," Gary Wilcher said of his North Fargo apartment.

Plenty of commotion at his apartment building Monday.

Some residents were evacuated from their apartments as the SWAT Team moved about.

Neighbors were outside for about four hours, as a home was surrounded, only to learn that one of the neighbors was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot.

Gary Wilcher and those who live around his 30th Avenue North apartment were ready to head back into their building as the SWAT team moved out.

"I was trying to figure out what was going on, until i got talking to my neighbors," Wilcher said.

Several officers came ready for any challenge, geared up with large guns and other heavy duty equipment.

"I heard them banging on the doors and they made everyone on the first floor get out of the building," Leann Strait said.

Strait lives right next door to the apartment police were trying to enter.

She left one dog behind, concerned for his safety.

Whether it's police or the SWAT team, they take no chances when there's a person with a gun.

"they made initial entry just into the threshold of the apt at which time they heard what they believe to be a gunshot," Lt. Michael Mitchell said.

That's when the SWAT team becomes a necessary measure.

On average, the SWAT team is called 12 to 13 times a year.

so far this year they've responded six times, which can be a frightening sight in any neighborhood.

"And i'm from Boston and my father's a cop. This is quite surprising," Strait said.

Something that Wilcher isn't used to seeing near his quiet home.

"That's one reason I moved out here. It's gotten where you can't walk the streets in town," Wilcher said.

Scenes like this are becoming more of the norm lately but police say that's not the case.

Fargo Police say a SWAT situation at an apartment complex in North Fargo has ended.

Valley News Team's Krista Boehm is on scene and says police were called to 315 30th Avenue North for a welfare check. Family of the person inside says there was a concern about a possible suicide attempt.

At least one building was evacuated. When police arrived, they heard a gunshot and called the SWAT team for assistance. A robot was sent into the apartment, where a deceased man was found.