NTSB Investigating Broken Wheel Fragments from Heimdal Derailment Site

The investigation continues into the train derailment that happened in Heimdal, North Dakota on Wednesday.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirms they are looking into broken wheel fragments, tanker cars, and rails as part of the investigation. Investigators say train wheel fragments found near the derailment site could be a key piece of evidence.

The NTSB's lead investigator says BNSF workers found those fragments and the NTSB will analyze them.

"That is certainly of great interest to us. All the pieces of the wheel have been found. They will be examined here on site, and properly stored to prevent rust and then sent to our lab in Washington D.C," explains NTSB Investigator Jim Southworth.

Southworth also says the train's event recorder reported it was traveling 24 miles per hour when it derailed. That is 11 miles below the speed limit for that section of track.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday on 6:30 POV on KX4, North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer told host Chris Berg that broken wheels are common causes for derailments such as this. Cramer made it clear he did not know what caused the accident and was not shown the picture.