NDSU Band a part of the team in Seattle

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It may have been a disappointing loss for Bison Nation, as NDSU men's basketball fell to Gonzaga.

Many on social media are saying they're proud of all the success the Bison have brought across all sports.

Whether it's Frisco, Sioux Falls, or Washington, there's one group of people who have had countless experiences to travel.

"Whether we win or lose it's just a great experience to feel."

Some think of this as the Bison theme song.

NDSU band members have had opportunity after opportunity as NDSU athletics reaches new heights every year.

"As a masters student that certainly one of the appealing factors of NDSU, that you have opportunities to work with marching band and pep band and its a full year commitment," Jeff Larson, the NDSU Band Leader, said.

"One and a million chance to be part of something this big and to have such a huge fan base," Logan Reed, a trumpet player, said.

While some admit, they've been called band geek, they feel more like part of the family.

"I actually got a hug from Cory Browns' mom at breakfast, that was kinda cool. She comes up to me and says are you a player? I said no, I'm just part of the band. She says your my baby too and she comes up and just gives me this big hug," Reed said.

Going as far as a new pair of kicks.

"We really feel like if we do something like this we are part of the team, granted we don't have the coolness or the status to be an athlete, or the skill and ability. This just brings us closer and getting to know them. It's kind of our own little cool thing we do for the band," Reed said.

It's the first time playing from the Space Needle but they aren't new to traveling with the team.