ND Lawmakers Concerned About Health Care Plan

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Some concerns for North Dakota Legislators about the switch of health insurance plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield to the Sanford Health Plan.

Legislators at the Cass County League of Women Voter's Forum addressed the issue Saturday morning. Leaders say that Sanford made it clear, those with the new plan won't be forced to lose their doctor.

Representative Tom Beadle says a handful of people at the capitol have been working on some last minute bills to put on the table, so that the coverage and care is equal to what Blue Cross Blue Shield provided.

"We have to have competition and when it's fair and we have to be willing to change, am I nervous? Yes, but we have to be willing to see what happens," says Sen. Kyle Davison.

The public employee retirement system switched over after 37 years with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The change over takes place July 1st.