Motorcycle run for Officer Jason Moszer with brother Brian leading the way

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Almost 200 bikers revved up their engines to take a journey in memory of Officer Jason Moszer.

Making stops along the way in Barnesville, Detroit Lakes and ending back in West Fargo.

The Valley News team explains how this bike run was a tribute to the fallen hero.

Bikers from all over lined up, revving their engines, getting ready to take off on a journey in memory of Officer Jason Moszer.

At the front of the line was Moszer's brother Brian riding Jason's own motorcycle.

"It was a little sentimental especially if Bon Jovi comes on the radio."

Brian said the bikers made stops in nostalgic places.

"We spent a lot of time growing up at the lakes so that brought back a lot of memories but Jason liked to ride motorcycles a lot so it was really nice."

The day was full of emotion and those involved gave a little bit of themselves to a family that gave them so much.

"He protected us here in Fargo and his life was taken and it's a great cause," says Susan Edie, the biker from Mapleton.

"We've had donations from all over the United States which is absolutely amazing. We've had people just come and give cash donations," says Sam Holland.

The general census in the crowd was that this run was a unique occasion because it's not the norm for bikers and law enforcement to join forces.

"No matter who you are or what you stand for, when something tragic like this happens everyone puts down their ill feelings aside and they gather around each other like one family," adds the Brotherhood of All Bikers Secretary.

With all the support the Moszers have seen in the F-M area, they hope the same type of community out pour can be shown to other families impacted nationwide.

"I wish the rest of the country supported law enforcement like our community does. It's pretty awesome what this community is doing for our family and the family in blue."

If you were unable to make Saturday's Motorcycle Run but would still like to make a donation, all you have to do visit any Gate City Bank and ask for the "Brotherhood of All Bikers: Jason Moszer" fund.