Motivational Monday: Getting Your Back Side in Shape

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It's all about the booty these days. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are on the covers of many magazines with people asking how they maintain their curves.

You may not want that kind of back side, but our Motivational Monday Health and Fitness Coach says a few simple exercises at home can give your back side the lift you want.

Ashley Sornsin also writes for Stride Fitness Magazine in Fargo. The October issue is out and she has an article focused just on your glutes.
In the article she shows us 7 booty targeting moves. On The Valley Today, she demonstrated two moves that are easy to do at home with a stability ball.


(1) Stability Ball Leg Curl

--Lying with back on floor, press heels onto stability ball, then pressing down and up, bend knees and bring the ball in towards glutes.

- Do 3 sets of 12.

(2) Stability Ball Hip Extension

-Lie on the stability ball, hands touching floor and upper legs resting on ball. Raise your legs, squeezing your glutes until legs are in line with your body and lower back down so toes touch ground.

- Do 3 sets of 12.

(You can watch demonstration in video)

Sornsin says squats and lunges are great, but doing some new and different exercises that target the glutes will help you see results sooner.

Sornsin also say it's not just for looks. A well developed back side is important for overall muscular balance and can help stabilize your lower back, hips and legs.