Moorhead Police make the streets come alive with a bike rodeo

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) The streets were definitely alive on the Moorhead side of the Red River this afternoon for the police department's bike rodeo.

StreetsAlive! puts an emphasis on being physically active regardless of your health situation and riding a bike is one way to do just that.

People were fitted and able take home a free helmet.

Bikes were also inspected making sure everything was in tip top shape.

Moorhead Police also set up a bike rodeo obstacle course.

"Learning how to scan, make sure that you're watching for cars that are coming and also hand signals letting cars and anybody on the roadway will know which way you're actually going," says Moorhead Police Patrol Office Katie Schultz.

Moorhead Police gave away four free bikes for those who finished the obstacle course successfully.