Moorhead Police Say NDSU Student Tom Bearson Murder Not Cold Case, Using FBI Profilers

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Lt. Tory Jacobson with the Moorhead Police Department says despite what some people think, the murder of NDSU freshman Tom Bearson is not a cold case.

Lt. Jacobson says they are going to unprecedented measures to find leads. The Moorhead Police Department sent 6 officers on the case to West Virginia to meet with FBI Behavioral Experts.

Lt. Jacobson says this is the first time the department has used this tool. He says they were able to go through all the evidence and information collected by the department to give them possible leads. He did not tell Valley News Live what the experts found.

Lt. Jacobson says he recognizes some in the community are wondering why no arrests have been made, or the murder has not been solved. "The best thing I can say is that we continue to string a very extensive web of information, this case file is very extensive, clearly a very hard case with many challenges."