MnDOT: Sign Hacking Poses Safety Hazard

A portable message board at a south Moorhead construction site was apparently hacked into early Friday morning. The sign was in place for the Highway 75 expansion project near 40th Avenue South.

Jerimiah Moerke with the Minnesota Department of Transportation says the sign is owned by one of the subcontractors and it is up to them whether or not they want to file a report with law enforcement. Moorhead Police say they are not investigating.

Early this morning, the sign read "Bush Did 9/11." The signs in construction zones are meant to increase awareness and the Department of Transportation says when people tamper with them, it not only creates a distraction for drivers, it also prevents people from seeing the intended safety message.

Moerke says the electronic signs are very quick to reprogram. After Friday’s incident, the correct message was sent remotely as soon as crews noticed the incorrect message.

The project to widen Highway 75 between 40th and 46th Avenues South in Moorhead goes until September.