Misleading Article Leaves Officials Upset

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A recent article is being shared online in the area and it's causing some angry reactions from North Dakota officials. It calls North Dakota a "sanctuary for dangerous illegal aliens."

William Kirschner, Fargo Immigration Lawyer says,"You know it's amazing what you can say on the internet and, obviously it doesn't need to be the truth."

A news and opinion organization named, Breitbart is claiming that, "North Dakota is perhaps the most extreme: state penitentiary policy forbids the state from honoring any ICE detainer, meaning that should local officers detain a suspected immigrant murderer or rapist, they will not cooperate with immigration officials, making deportation well nigh impossible."

We spoke with the Director of the State's Correctional and Rehabilitation and she says this claim is just not true.

"That's absolutely false. we have always honored ice detainers and warrant. We honor every federal detainer and warrant and we always will," says Leann Bertsch.

The article references a week-long rash of crime between two immigrant groups in Fargo. The first was a massive fight in Lindenwood Park, the same two groups smashed windows and knocked a man unconcious in the parking lot of a Fargo liquor store. A third incident started in an apartment and ended with a chase and crash on 45th Street South in Fargo.

The article claims, "No matter how violent the immigrants act, there is virtually no chance they will be expelled back to their home countries."

Kirschner and Bertsch agree, that's just not true.

Kirschner says, "There's more bologna in this article than there is in several pounds of bologna. It's just complete falsehood."

Bertsch agrees,"It's just bad information. I'm not sure where they got their information and they just put out a bad report."