Mick Kjar's Final Forecast at Valley News Live

We are forecasting a sad day on Friday at Valley News Live. We will be saying goodbye to our favorite morning meteorologist. The Valley Today's Mick Kjar is retiring from TV after nearly 27 years with us at VNL.

Mick was on the air alone when the morning show started in 1988. There have been a lot of changes and the team has grown, but Mick has remained a constant.

Mick has delivered thousands of weather forecasts, filed more farm reports than anyone else and has shared endless laughs with all of us.

Over the years, Mick has acquired 28 suits, 83 dress shirts, and 187 ties. His hard work and dedication has grabbed the attention of viewers through, and we have received an uncountable number of emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages from people wishing him well through retirement.

Friday is Mick's last day at Valley News Live. Be sure to join us to say goodbye and good luck!

And, check out the videos and photo gallery filled with pictures of Mick from over the years!