Medical Marijuana supporters use Sanders rally to get petition signatures

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – People trying to get medical marijuana legalized in North Dakota are using the Bernie Sanders rally to up the numbers on the petition currently in circulation.

As hundreds of people lined up outside of the Ramada Friday morning ahead of the rally, medical cannabis supporters went down the line, collecting signatures.

"We know that Bernie supports it so we figured Bernie supporters will also support the legalization of medical cannabis in North Dakota,” said Blake Fitzgerald of Fargo. He says they are getting a lot of people to sign.

“Yes, great turnout, everybody is signing it. Everybody that can sign it, that's a north Dakota resident and a registered voter, is signing it so far," Fitzgerald explains.

The medical cannabis petition needs more than 13,500 signatures to get on the November ballot. There is also currently a petition circulating to get a vote for recreational marijuana on the North Dakota ballot.