Massive Fight At Lindenwood Park, Police Say Two Immigrant Groups Not Cooperating

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An update on a developing story out of South Fargo, police are still looking for people involved in a massive fight at Lindenwood Park last night.

Apparently it started as a birthday party with around 70 people, police say things got out of hand and someone used a crow bar to smash windows of a car. When officers pulled up, the vandalized car was gone. Later, they found it running at an intersection with no one in it.

Police say they believe the same men smashed another car near an apartment on 20th Street South. While investigators don't believe it's gang related, they say the two groups are immigrants, and aren't being cooperative.

"You know when you get different new American groups from different ethnic backgrounds from different areas, sometimes they come here with those cultural disputes between the groups, and likely that's what we are seeing here," says Lt. Michael Mitchell with the Fargo Police Department.
It's not a place parents want to see crime, "This is where they want to come and run around and feel safe," says Angie Behr, a mom to two kids.

She takes them to Lindenwood Park a lot, and says she sees a lot of “sketchy” things happening. "I definitely think there are some things that are happening in the park that could be stopped, and I don't know how often it is paroled. I haven't seen a cop drive through here very often."

"We want people to have a good time, and we don't want to infringe on other people's happy time and, so it is unfortunate,” says Carolyn Boutain, director of Cultural Activities.

After a massive brawl at Lindenwood, Fargo Park leaders are reviewing their response, trying to decide if they need to make changes.

"These were people who were just in the park, they were not people who had a reservation, these were not people who we knew were coming to do anything. And obviously the parks are open all the time, for people to come and do all kinds of things, and they don't always get along. And, in this case they don't always get along."

Police were originally called to the park because the birthday party was too loud, and breaking park rules with a DJ and alcohol.

"That seems to be a park that gets a little bit more activity, this type of event couldn't be held at a smaller park," says Lt. Mitchell.

The Fargo Park District is working with Fargo Police to possibly add some more rules, hoping to discourage crime in the future. Both say the parks are safe, but you should be aware of your surroundings at all times.

"Stuff happens anywhere, but definitely sad to see that at a park it could occur, especially this is where they want to come and run around and feel safe," says Behr.

Police say they don't believe the fight was gang related. They have a refugee liaison officer helping in the investigation to find out why the fight happened in the first place.