Man walking perimeter of America for the homeless

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A man is hoping to give homeless veterans a place to stay by walking the perimeter of the United States.

"I've done every state along the coast from Virginia all the way to around Florida around Texas to San Diego up to Seattle."

He has arrived in Fargo, strapped with the bare minimum, more than 7,000 miles into his journey.

"my feet are sore all the time but other than that i'm fine."

Leroy Bailey is more than half way to walking around America.

"I walk until it gets dark and then I say God find me a place to sleep," Bailey said.

Bailey started in Virginia Beach, VA as his frustration grew over the lack of homeless shelters.

"I prayed about it and God said if I want to build shelters around America you have to walk around America," Bailey said.

So he did. Sleeping mainly outside unless he has enough cash for a hotel.

"A lot of times I sleep up under the under passes under the highway."

A fund started by his hometown church, along with some kind strangers along the way, keeps him fed.

It also helps him help others. He used his donations to help a North Dakota vet get to Fargo to see a doctor.

"He didn't have no money and no gas so I put a little gas in his van," Bailey said.

Leaving his wife and business back home, it hasn't been easy.

"Often times I've been treated very poorly when I walk into a church and that's sad. You'd think that's the one place I wouldn't be judged."

He's only raised $5,000 of his lofty one million dollar goal to build homeless shelters but it's not slowing him down.

"Whether the money gets raised or not that's up to God. My only job is to walk. He told me to walk, I'll walk."

With 4,500 miles left to trek and thousands of stories behind him.

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