Man in 'animal onesie' shot after threatening to blow up TV station

BALTIMORE (Valley News Live) – A man was shot outside the FOX television station in Baltimore, Maryland, as he was being led away by authorities. Witnesses say he was dressed in an 'adult animal onesie' and wearing some kind of vest.

The man was inside the TV station when authorities arrived. Officers in SWAT uniforms moved forward as the man waked out of the building.

Witnesses say SWAT members told the man to get down, but say he did not do so. After four loud bangs, people could be heard shouting that the man was down.

Speaking at a news conference, authorities confirmed the man, who claimed to have a bomb inside the WBFF Fox 45 television station, is alive and says he was shot by a counter-sniper.

He apparently has a device in his hand and authorities say “the situation is not secure.” Though subdued, he is not yet in custody and is not cooperating with police.

A reporter from NBC affiliate WBAL explains what she knows about the suspect.

"The security guard said he was dressed in a panda suit. He had a red vest strapped to him, he had a mask on and sunglasses. He said that he appeared to be a young man who was slim and about 6-feet tall,"explains WBAL reporter Lacee Griffith.

"Earlier today he came into WBFF-TV with a flash drive saying that he had some information he wanted to pass on to the news – something regarding the Panama Papers. The security guard told me that he watched the video and it was of the man, it was a video of the man himself talking," Griffith said.

Baltimore police are investigating whether he is wearing a bomb. Everyone inside WBFF evacuated the building when the threat was first made several hours ago.