Local Parents Take Social Media Product Complaints With A Grain of Salt

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A national diaper company is on the defense after a mother's video on social media went viral, claiming glass shards were in a bag of wipes. Other angry parents also took to social media to attack Huggies, showing how claims, founded or baseless, can reach thousands, even millions in just a few hours or days.

Kathy Curr isn't one to be on social media, but safety is important when it comes to buying things for her two grandkids. Even though social media seems to be the new "word of mouth" when it comes to products, Curr and many parents say they won't take it as the absolute truth.

"If it's a product that we purchase or we consider purchasing, we'll do some more digging if we hear something about it," says Tony Walls, a father of two girls.

Just this week, a California mom says she found what appears to be glass in a bag of Huggies wipes. Even though it started as just one post, a local marketing expert says companies should take claims against them seriously, especially in this viral age.

"If the company is able to respond to that one individual or complaint things can be turned around very quickly, if they choose to ignore it that's when the backlash can become greater and greater," says Amanda Godfread, Director of Strategic Engagement at Odney.

Huggies issued a statement on Facebook, saying in part, "Thank you all for your continued patience as we work to respond to everyone expressing their concerns and asking questions. Some of you have commented about the shiny particles seen in our wipes."

Response like this is something a local marketing expert says is a step in the right direction.

"I think most people expect companies to be somewhat human because they're run by humans, so nothing is going to be perfect, but I think as long as your response is compassionate and appropriate depending on the situation, a lot of people put great respect back into the company because of that response," says Godfread.

Huggies has not issued a recall. Target, K-Mart, and Cashwise in Fargo say they haven't had anyone try to return the wipes.

If parents have concerns about Huggies wipes, they can contact the consumer care team through its website or by calling 1-888-485-6839.