UPDATE: Large snake on the loose in Crookston

File photo from National Park Service
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CROOKSTON, Minn. (Valley News Live) Crookston police are searching for a large snake that was reportedly sighted on the city's north side.

It was last seen on on the 1600 block of Radisson Road in Crookston on Wednesday, April 20. Crookston Police say they are working to verify the sighting and determine the type of snake.

It was originally reported to be a python. Police are now saying it looks similar to a Hog Nose Snake. The snake is completely black, or very dark brown and possibly five to six feet long.

Crookston Police talked with the DNR Area Wildlife Supervisor, who says Hog Nose snakes are dark in color but are virtually non-existent in this area. They say it's possibly someone’s pet that got away.

It’s not likely the snake is moving around in our cool temperatures. The police department asks everyone to check around their property. If you locate the snake, call Crookston Police at: 218-281-3111.