Kvalvog's say Coach Josh Lee made inconsistent statements about fatal car crash

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) For eight months, the Kvalvog’s have continually asked the public for any information that could provide answers as to how their sons Zach and Connor died.

The Kvalvog’s have turned over every stone, trying to determine what events led up to the fatal June 23rd crash near Dalton, Minn.

"I don't expect people to understand if they haven't lost a child in some fashion,” Ray Kvalvog said.

Minnesota Highway Patrol said their diligent efforts helped them find the semi they believe was involved in that fatal crash.

The Kvalvog’s said the only two people who know what events led to the crash are the truck driver and their sons’ basketball coach, Josh Lee. Lee told authorities he saw everything happen according to Kvalvog.

"The head coach never does call 911 ever and he's the person who said he saw everything unfold. In his original testimony to highway patrol, and that's what we all believed for two weeks, was that there was no semi involved in this accident at all, none,” Kvalvog said.

Ray Kvalvog said the discrepancies continue.

"The head basketball coach Josh Lee says that my son had braked prior to the accident. The black box data in the Dodge Truck said he never braked,” Kvalvog said.

Kvalvog also said Lee has refused to speak with them for 8 months. Lee couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Kvalvog’s say they will continue pressing for answers until the day they die.

"It's killing us not knowing how this happened. You keep on it until you get the answer and if you never get it, you don’t, but you don't stop,” Kvalvog said.