One Person Hurt in Crash Involving Kindred School Bus & 4 Semis

A crash on Highway 46 near I-29, involving a school bus and four semi's left the bus driver seriously hurt. She was taken to Essentia. Hospital staff would not release her condition, when asked for an update on Friday night.

The state patrol says four semi's were involved in the crash, originally only three were reported to have been involved. The driver of the fourth semi was not hurt.

North Dakota Highway Patrol says a semi-truck pulled out in front of the school bus, the bus T-boned the semi on the driver’s side.

After the collision, both vehicles came to a stop on Highway 46. Shortly after, another semi, hit the first semi on the passenger side causing the trailer to split in two. A semi was able to avoid the crash but a third semi re-ended that semi.

The crash forced officials to shut down a stretch of the highway for clean up, it has since been reopened.

There were 34 students, two teachers and a para-professional on the Kindred school bus. No students or staff were transported by ambulance or treated on scene for injuries.

Jostad was transported to Essentia Hospital with serious injuries.

The uninjured driver of the semis include Jerry Mallett, 60, of Buffalo, ND, Wesley Briggs, 68, of Kindred, Eldon Burdick, 55, of Kindred and Charles Odegaard, 66, of Walcott.

Officers say weather played a role in the crash. One of the truck drivers who said school bus came out of the fog and hit his truck.

Kindred Schools Superintendent Steve Hall says the district will be reviewing safety procedures to see if anything needs changed. Hall says safety of students is of the utmost importance to the district.

Superintendent Hall says the district will be investigating details of the crash to see if the driver will be put on leave or not. Hall says the health of the driver is first and foremost in the investigation too.

The students involved were a group of 4th Graders. All of the students involved in the crash were sent home for the day with the rest of the
school going on as normal.

The District says they have counselors available to anyone who feels then need them today and Monday. Superintendent Steve Hall says they do not plan to hold an assembly in the wake of this situation.

Parents with concerns can call Kindred Schools. The District says everyone involved in the crash has been notified.