Unique Xmas Gifts: UND's Online Auction

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If you’re on the lookout for unique Christmas gifts, this story is for you.
The University of North Dakota is taking its small share of the multi-billion dollar sports memorabilia market, with an online auction.
Around 10-million dollars a year rolls into UND’s athletic budget via ticket sales, TV and radio rights and fund raisers.
They’re also adding value to things like team hockey jerseys.
Here at the Engelstad Arena Sioux Shop. Replica UND hockey jerseys sell for $119. But, if you get a real jersey, actually worn by a UND player during a game, you could pay as much as $1,000.
It’s all part of UND Athletics Online Auctions.
Brian Faison, UND Athletic Director: “Well, I wish it was more multi-billion for use, but its something North Dakota has been doing for a number of years. Primarily hockey, although all sports have that opportunity if they choose to take it on.”
Faison says the online auctions bring in around 10-thousand dollars a year to cover unexpected things.
Brian Faison: “It goes toward what we call priority needs. There are always some unique situations that come up in a given year. This allows the team to have a different way to make their budget.”
It also allows you to pick up some unique Christmas gifts online, right now, for the sport’s lovers on your shopping list.
That online auction for hockey jerseys closes tomorrow.