Hector Airport experienced phone and internet outage due to damaged CenturyLink fiber cable

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Phone and internet services were impacted by a damaged CenturyLink fiber cable on Friday.

The loss of services even put a damper on many travel plans at Hector International Airport.

The Valley News team explains how airlines had to resort to some non-technological ways.

Contractors were hard at work on a city project off 19th Avenue North and Broadway when they hit a CenturyLink fiber cable causing a loss of many services.

"In the region spanning between Fargo and Grand Forks, some residents were impacted kind of scatter shot through those areas. 911 services were successfully rerouted," says Rachel Woodman, the CenturyLink Market Development Manager.

Hector International Airport was one of the impacted as of 9 a.m. on Friday losing internet access for its airlines, homeland security, gift shop and auto rentals.

"It's been extremely difficult for them especially customers at the car rental counters checking out cars. They went back to the old days writing everything on paper and that's the same for the airlines as well," says Shawn Dobberstein.

The check-in kiosks were unavailable causing lines for travelers with wait times up to 10-minute just to speak to an airline agent.

If you traveled during the internet outage, customers checked in manually at the airline counters and then followed that over at the Information Counter where they received a print up of their boarding pass.

"We were able to get employees onto some of our computer systems here with the Airport Authority at our Information Center that set up some printers for them to help ease some of the pain they were having."

Around 4 p.m. internet services started to come back to the airport and others impacted.

"what's important for residents to know is if they are still being impacted they will soon see a restoration of their services," adds Woodman.

AT&T Wireless customers also experienced interrupted services.