Healthier Me: Do Eating Disorders Have a Bad Image?

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Do eating disorders have a bad image? Some say, yes.

Doctors say it's not a choice for a lot of people -- it's an illness that needs medical intervention.

Dr. Steve Wonderlich is an eating disorder specialist at Sanford Health in Fargo. He says it's common for people to think eating disorders are just people "acting badly", but he says that is a misconception that needs to change!

Wonderlich says, "anorexia is the most lethal psychiatric problem we have. It's the most lethal thing we know about it mental health." He says, "the chances of dying from it are significant, so we take it very seriously. He adds, "it might not affect a lot of people, but when it does it needs to be addressed aggressively."

Dr. Wonderlich has done a lot of research with UND's School of Medicine and the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute to find new treatments for eating disorders. He says they have found a promising new treatment for bulimia could really make a big difference in people's lives.