Healthier Me: "Bravery Beads" Help Children with Cancer

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Hair loss, surgery, radiation, procedures no one should have to go through, especially children. But it happens all too often. That's why the "Bravery Hearts Bravery Beads," program was started to help kids understand what they're going through.

The idea is simple but the meaning is life changing. Each bead a child receives symbolizes a step in their fight against cancer.

Over 80 beads, a string of events showing what 7-year-old Jordyn Werk has gone through. Seven months ago she started fighting Wilms' tumor. A type of kidney cancer. In January she went through surgery, her left kidney removed and part of her right.

"It is hard to see all the different things she'd had to go through, but she's always proud to get another bead," says Becca Werk, Jordyn's Mom.

Each treatment, she'll get a bead, a way to tell and show her story. Sanford Child Specialist Lorri Ferguson brought the program to Sanford in 2010.

"I'm proud of them of what they have accomplished and what they do, and amazed at the strength that these kids and there parents have gone through," says Ferguson.

Each child who is diagnosed with cancer has the option of taking part.