Harwood school buses testing out ID scanning system

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Harwood, ND (Valley News Live) Making sure kids get home safely when they get off the bus is every schools' priority. Harwood Elementary School is taking that one step further.

Each student now scans an ID card, which confidentially tracks the date, time, and location of their entry or exit from the bus.

Harwood Elementary School has over 100 students riding the bus every day, making it difficult to keep track of all of them.

"The big goal of this project is to enhance student safety." transportation director Brad Redmond said.

Students riding the bus have an ID card they scan when they get on and off the bus. Bismarck School District is the only other district using this system in North Dakota. This system makes school security even tighter.

"Another level of support to make sure that we have a really good system in place to know where students are, in case there is an emergency or if anything comes up,” Harwood Elementary School principal Jerry Standifer said.

"It’s working out really well, the ease of use is what we really like," Redmond said.

So if a child gets off at the wrong stop, it makes the search for them a lot easier.

"With this system, we will be able to go out and find where that student got off at and really narrow our search," Redmond said.

And in case of a bus emergency, he school won’t have to contact all the parents.

"If we are delayed, let’s say the bus breaks down, we know which students are on the bus and we can contact those parents directly," Redmond said.

Kids can also use the cards to buy their school lunch and get library books, and it’s not a problem if they lose their card.

"If the kids don’t' have their ID, that barcode, they can punch in their student ID number,” Standifer said.

Giving parents and school officials a sigh of relief.

Harwood Elementary School is finishing up the test run this month and West Fargo Public Schools is hoping to add this to all the elementary schools starting this fall.

Fargo Public Schools does not have this system in place, it's something they hope to add in the near future.