Georgia mom battles rare flesh-eating bacteria

CBS News An Atlanta-area woman is fighting for her life against a rare and serious infection, and no one knows how she got it.

Cindy Martinez, a former Marine and a mother of two, contracted a case of flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis. Doctors say there's a possibility they may have to amputate her arms or legs.

"This has made me realize that you truly don't know what's in store for you every day in life," her husband, David Martinez, told CBS Atlanta station WGCL.

"She's in a lot of pain. She has no appetite. She's just exhausted, and I mean, it's an up and down roller coaster at this point," he said. "She thought she was going to come home in a few days and I knew having a conversation with her that it wasn't [going to be] the case."

Cindy Martinez went to the emergency room May 25 with severe pain in her shoulder, and by the next day, doctors determined that her body was shutting down and the only way to save her was with emergency surgery. It was clear to David Martinez that his wife's hospital stay was not going to be a short one.

"I had to tell her the truth, and tell her she's not coming home. I don't know when. I couple of weeks, a couple of months. I don't know," he said.