Garth Brooks fan dies before seeing Fargo concert

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) The memories of attending the Garth Brooks concert in Fargo will last forever but for a Canadian family who gifted loved ones with tickets to the show the memories are not so bright.

Harvey Aho, 68, had just about down everything in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, rain, snow or shine an adventurous kind of men despite his heart conditions.

"It was unreal. He loved the outdoors. we did everything in the outdoors together with his son and my grandson," Mark Nault, his son-in-law said.

But there was one event on his list that was his ultimate dream:
seeing Garth Brooks in concert.

"He always carried the whole library of CDs in the van and in the truck. He listened to them all the time," Mark Nault said.

His son-in-law tells Valley News Live family got Harvey and his wife two tickets to Garth for their 43rd anniversary.

Like two high school sweet hearts they drove eight hours from Dryden, Ontario in Canada to the Fargodome.

"We spend time on the phone and online and finally got tickets and not even realizing that there might be a bit of a hike to go up to where we could have tickets available," Mark said.

With his dream so close Harvey made his way up to his seats.

"He took time to get up there. He was short of breath but my mother in law waited for him but he took a flight here and a flight there," Mark said.

Then his dream took a turn when he got to his seat he passed out and went into cardiac arrest.

"We were shocked for sure but at the same time in the back of your mind not so shocked when it happened," Mark said.

A dream that almost came true but a heart ready to go.

Harvey died at the hospital with his family at his side.

They arrived in time to say goodbye just thankful for the Fargodome staff, the fans and Sanford.

"Everything is just unreal. I can't say enough good things about Fargo, North Dakota. I really can't," Mark said.

And most of all, Garth Brooks.

"It's one of those things that should be shared. Just for recognition that Garth is doing it right. When he can have that kind of an influence on people its a great thing," Mark said.

Harvey's family said since he was not insured in the United States they are not sure what will happen financially.

The medical bills will be costly.

Right now, they are focused on his funeral, which is being held Saturday and they're planning to play the Garth Brooks song "The Dance."