From delivery to discovery UPS driver reconnects child with family

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THIEF RIVER FALLS, M.N. From delivery to discovery…while making his daily rounds a UPS driver found a 5-year-old girl sitting alone outside her daycare. We spoke to this delivery man who stopped everything he was doing to get this girl to safety.

It started as a normal delivery day for UPS driver Josh Skala. But, the day took an unexpected turn when he found quite an unusual package.

"I go behind the house to make my delivery and a little girl is playing back there,” said Skala. “She comes up to me, tells me the house is already locked. So, at that point you realize something is a little off."

Skala told us the young girl's father dropped her off at daycare earlier in the day, unaware the daycare was closed for the day.

"When she told me the doors were locked and that she was supposed to be there, and I asked her if she lived close by and she said she didn't live in this town,” said Skala. “So, that's when I started making phone calls. I called her dad at work, but couldn't get a hold of him."

That's where Skala stepped in. They started their walk hand in hand to the young girl's school.

“It's about four or five blocks away,” said Skala. “We got about half way there and she got tired. She got cramps in her side and asked for a piggy-back ride. So, how do you really say no to a five year old girl? So, I carried her the rest of the way. And, I got to the school and they were happy to see her.”

Boxes piled high, everyday it's Skala' job to make sure they end up in the right hands. He said this package was his most precious delivery yet.

Skala tells us the school was able to get a hold of the girl’s parents.

UPS management told us the mother of the child called later that day to thank Skala. She was only able to get out about five words before breaking down -- a situation that could have been much worse if it wasn't for this local hero.