Former MSUM Athlete Sentenced for Rape

A former MSUM football player is sentenced to 60 days in jail for rape. Zachary Hilliard has already served 57 days and will be on probation for two years.

Judge Galen Vaa says he believes Hilliard is of no danger to the victim or to the public. Hilliard pleaded guilty last month to fifth degree sexual conduct.

Hilliard and the victim were in a dorm room on campus when the assault happened. The state prosecutor says there was consent up to a certain point.

Court documents say the victim said "no" multiple times, but Hilliard continued to rape her.

The state prosecutor says for this particular charge, the sentence is adequate.

"For a more serious charge, we would have needed physical force or injury. We would have needed to show some sort of incapacitation or that she wasn't aware, or she couldn't consent or withhold consent. There were many factors that fell into it," state prosecutor Pamela Lee Harris said.

Valley News Live asked to speak to Judge Galen Vaa regarding the sentencing, but he said he could not talk about it.