Fobs, Electronic Keys, Mobile Apps: Could Be Replacing House, Apartment Keys

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Many are ditching an ancient tool in order to feel safe. Local locksmiths tell us keys are on the way out, and new technology is taking over.

A couple months ago we did an investigation on how simple it is to make copies of keys. Since then we've heard from locals, including an apartment complex manager, that our story triggered them to make the switch to key fobs, card readers or mobile apps.

Over at Master's Baptist College the facilities manager, Jared Scheving is hoping his key ring will be totally replaced by just one fob. The college spent thousands of dollars they say are well spent. The fobs let the college know who, and who are opening doors.

They are able to deny access, and could protect them from a break-in.

We showed you an investigation where we took a picture of a co-worker’s key, sent it in, got a copy, and walked right into their house.

"It's brought to light really how insecure, how easy it is to make these keys,” Says Rich Odegaard, with The Lock Shop in Fargo. He is speaking about our investigation, “And now that they have the ability to auto trail, you can't do that with a key and now that you can a lot of these apartment buildings are really jumping on."

Odegaard say the trend has really taken off in the valley. One reason, the price has gone down about 70%, "I see the increase, it will be the future for sure," he says.

Someday, Odegarrd thinks regular keys will be a thing of the past. He says there are some downfalls, cold weather, loss of power, or programming issues.