Fashion Forecast: Popular TV meteorologist dress goes viral

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) There's a bit of a fashion windstorm going on on weather walls across the country.

Meteorologists all over the map have fallen in love with a dress that looks pretty darn good on TV.

The Valley Today's morning meteorologist Lisa Green is in on this fashion phenomenon.

If you travel around the country, you may notice something stylishly similar on weather forecasts.This dress has become the unofficial uniform of female TV meteorologists.

Lisa Green admits no one forecast this fashion trend, but it has gone viral.

It all started with a simple recommendation on a Facebook group for female TV meteorologists. Green says they often talk about the weather, on-air makeup advice and share great fashion finds.

One post about a dress caused quite a stir. Lisa Green says a woman wrote about a great dress she found on Amazon, for a great price and it looked great on TV.

The meteorologist posted a picture of herself in the $23 dress and others followed suit.

Green say, "it's crazy to see that collage of all of these TV meteorologists wearing the same dress." She adds, "it is somewhat of a novelty for people who are not in the business seeing our community working together."

The dress comes in seven colors. It is still available on Amazon, but it's popularity has put it on back order for some people.

So, what makes this dress so popular? We asked fashion expert Ajit Berg.

Berg says it is likely the shape and contrasting lines that people love! She adds that the shape is flattering for most any body shape, because the black paneling creates the image of contouring. She says this contouring gives the illusion of more of an hour glass figure. And, the contrast of the black with the bright colors is fun and stylish. Berg says bright colors always look great mixed with black.