Fargo Residents Encouraged To Create A City Flag

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Flags are symbols of nations, states, and in many places even cities. 19 year-old Jackson Ridl was surprised to learn Fargo doesn't have a city flag and is setting out to change that.

"It was really an opportunity to create something that needed to be created," said Ridl.

Ridl says flags are more than just colors and cloth, but a form of identity. He got the idea after listening to a podcast about city flags and how they represent pride of a city.

"I think that right now in 2015 and moving forward this is when Fargo becomes who we are, I think that flag will be a symbol of who we are," said Ridl.

Ridl took his idea to the city and the Art Partnership. The City Commission and Art and Culture Commission gave an okay to create an idea for a city flag. A contest is running for Fargo residents to design their own flag and the public will vote on 15 designs. The City Commission will pick the winning flag.

"I think a lot of people are really excited to create what they feel represents their home and I think that is a really unique opportunity," said Ridl.

Many people Valley News Live spoke with say they would support having a city flag as long as it did not cost the city too much money. As for what should be on the flag? That question had different answers and many of the opinions varied.

"I think it is a railroad town so I think the Great Northern bike store," said an older Fargo woman.

"The prairies, the wide openness of North Dakota, would be representative of a wheat field or a bison I would think," said one Fargo man.

"The Fargo Theatre sign is a staple and would be awesome to include. People from all around that nation could recognize the Fargo Theatre sign," said another Fargo woman.

Despite all the opinions, you can have a say in what represents Fargo by submitting your own flag.

To create your own flag, click on the link to the right but don't wait long, submissions are due by August 23rd.

Melissa Sobolik with the Fargo City Commission says all the commissioners support the idea, but right now there is no guarantee a flag will be chosen, because they are still very early on in the process.