Fargo Police Live Streaming Hoping To Be More Transparent, Some Have Concerns

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If you've been pulled over recently people might be watching your traffic stop live on the internet. Fargo police are using Periscope, an app that lets you live-stream video.

They've already broadcasted some traffic stops near NDSU in hopes that people will slow down. Police say it's a way to educate and connect with the community. But others say they don't think it will work, and they don't like the idea of being in the public videos.

It was coincidence Fargo police started going live at the same time as increased enforcement around the NDSU campus.

"It's just another form to talk to people," says Officer Jessica Schindeldecker with the Fargo Police Department. She thought it would be a good way of being transparent. "We want people to ask us questions or be able to interact with us in a positive way, and this was just one more form of them to be able to do that," says Schindeldecker.

They plan on showing more than just traffic stops, the idea is to educate and interact. "We know that it's live broadcasting, and once it's out there, it's out there. So we are going to be very sensitive about that and how we use it," says Schindeldecker.

She says they aren't trying to shame anyone , but you are able to see license plates in the videos. "If you're either friends with that person or knew who that was, recognized the car you can tell who that is," Mara Paulson, a Fargo driver who we showed the videos to. She says she doesn’t like the idea, and thinks those watching won't actually learn anything either. "I think it would be more for entertainment purposes for everyone watching, not like oh, I shouldn't do that type of thing."

"We may make a mistake, or someone might not like it, but by all means, we are going to man up to it, and we will make sure we fix it, and we want to make this a positive experience for us, and for the community,” says Officer Schindeldecker. She says with all the cameras pointed at the police, it's nice to show it from all angles.

The Moorhead police department says they won't be using the app, they don't have the resources. However, other officers across the country are using periscope too.

Have you been pulled over lately? You could possibly see yourself live on Periscope.

Fargo Police are live streaming traffic stops by using the app. You can hear in the video where they are pulling the vehicle over, the license plate number, and watch the officer go about his business.

In the last 18 hours or so, the @FargoPolice twitter handle has tweeted links to four traffic stops adding the hashtag #Periscope.

It comes at the same time police are upping enforcement near NDSU. We want to hear what you think about this.