Family of accused rapist say's he's a sick man

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Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live): The sister of a man in jail tonight accused of raping a woman at a Mapleton, North Dakota gas station says he has a mental disorder.
Cass County Investigators say Abdulrahman Ali forced a female clerk into the bathroom where he raped her. The victim told authorities she could hear Ali mumbling, but could not understand him. Once deputies arrived, they broke down the door and arrested Ali. After Valley News Live reported that Ali refused to leave his jail cell for today’s arraignment, his family contacted us saying he is a sick man.

“But he is not terrorism. We are Muslim, I am so glad we are Muslim. But not all Muslim’s are so very bad you know?” said Asli Ali.

Asli Ali said Abdulrahman Ali is her younger brother by several years.

"Some issue, I don't know what's going on. He is not his normal at all. But something, he does not control himself, you know?" said Asli Ali.

She said her brother had been in the country for about four years now, but he’s sick, he has some sort of mental disorder.

"Yeah he says, I hear voices. Yeah, he does not, somebody else is coming to bother him, I don't know. If he takes his medicine, he becomes better and he starts working and he's calmed down in everything he does,” explained Ali.

Asli Ali said her brother had been to Prairie St. John’s several times to get treated for his disorder. But he’s also no stranger to police officers on both sides of the Red River.

"He broke the glasses, all glasses yeah down here in the shop, Somalian shop and grocery store,” said Asli Ali.

She said this past Monday, Abdulrahman was not taking his medication and broke several of the windows on the bottom floor of the building where they work. Her brother currently has a separate criminal trespass case open with the court, and was convicted in 2012 in Stearns County, Minnesota of felony charges of fleeing police.

"A lot of people know in this community, the Somalian people that live here, they know a lot of things about him. He's a good person, but he's not healthy,” reiterated Asli Ali.

Ali said the more recent situation has been very difficult on her family. She said it paints the whole community in a bad light and that her brother’s actions do not represent the Somalian community or the Muslim religion.

Bond was set at a million dollars and Abdulrahman Ali remains behind bars.