Exclusive - Fargo school emails show angst over pro-life student club

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We have new exclusive information on the pro-life clubs some students at Fargo North High School and Davies High School wanted to start but were later denied. Through a freedom of information request, Valley News Live has obtained the emails between school district officials and the principals at the schools as they wrestled with what to do about the clubs. Our information request came up with a number of emails between, teachers, the students, parents and the superintendent from when the idea of pro-life clubs started.

The activities director at Davies originally said yes to allowing the pro-life clubs, similar rights such as posting announcements around the school and a space to hold their meetings. But as the first meeting for the club came, a space to have it was all that was allowed and the posting of announcements was not. The school's reasoning?

Emails show that one of the principals had concerns and said the school cannot allow the club because it's "religious in nature." The district said to deny the request at North High because it claimed the organization was an outside agency and it can deny any non-school organization's request.

Even though there were concerns over the groups religious background the school allows the group Teens for Christ to hold meetings.

The school district found itself in hot water last week after receiving a demand letter from a legal firm asking for the school to reconsider its position on the pro-life group.

Fargo Public Schools have repeatedly denied our request for an interview on this issue saying that their lawyers still need time to respond to the original demand letter. That deadline is coming up Friday. To read the emails, just click on the documents that accompany this story. They are in chronological order.

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