EverDrive app aiming to create safer drivers

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) EverDrive is a new app that measures driving habits. It monitors things like your speed or distracted driving, and then scores drivers on a scale.

Do you brake hard? Or take turns too fast? The free app EverDrive can tell.

"The application sits and runs silently while you are driving your car. It automatically starts when you start driving your car and it checks for things that are very important for towards driving safely and defensively," said EverQuote Executive Vice President, Andrew Ressler.

The app scores you on an array of things from your speed, to braking, to how often you use your phone while behind the wheel.

"I look over at a stoplight and see people looking down at their lap, I know they are looking at their phone," said Jacky Arness of Fargo.

The app was developed by insurance market place EverQuote and Cambridge Mobile Telematics. It's goal is to help create better drivers. It taps into your phone's GPS and after your trip the app gives you a score and highlights problem areas.

"Using the app you are more aware of your driving behaviors, your good habits, bad habits and we find that already statistics show us that people begin to improve their habits while using the app," said Ressler.

Ressler says the app is accurate and does give leeway of about 8 miles per hour when it comes to speeding. But will this information be shared to your police or insurance companies?

"We believe the privacy data can be controlled with the consumer so if the consumer wants to share that data that is fine with us. It is not our policy to share the data with anybody like police or insurance companies," explained Ressler.

Users' scores post to the leader board and allow people to see how they stack up against their friends or family in their state or city.

"People enjoy games and something engaging that way, so to kind of bring some element of some competition to yourself or with others it can have a positive outcome," said Arness.

The EverDrive app will run when you're not driving, but you can turn it off. You can also identify when you are a passenger, or riding a different kind of transportation, like a bus so it doesn't affect your driving score.

The app company is currently running a sweepstakes where EverDrive users will be entered into a contest every day that they use the app. Prizes worth $100 will be awarded to 50 eligible users.