UPDATE: 51 Dogs Removed From Northern Valley Home And Sent To Shelters

two of the Beagles that were removed from Shelley Minnesota home.
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Authorities are working on a major case of animal abuse in the northern valley, following a tip from a neighbor. Fifty-one Beagle dogs were removed from a home in Shelly, Minnesota.

One dog was found dead in the home. It’s not clear yet whether the woman who owned the dogs will face any criminal charges.

Twenty-three of the dogs were taken to the Polk County Humane Society in Crookston. The rest were taken to the Hightail Horse Ranch and Rescue in Hawley, Minnesota.

Mary Solberg of the Humane Society says, it appears the dogs were all well fed. However, she says many of them suffer from skin diseases, because of wet, crowded conditions.

“Look, they’re so happy he’s sleeping. This one’s missing an ear that was probably bitten off, I would guess at some point in time. But they all appear to be fed. But, there’s going to be some skin problems that we’re seeing," Solberg said.

Humane Society workers are busy naming and evaluating the conditions of the dogs. Once the dogs are given medical clearance, there will be a lot of Beagles available for adoption.