Diggin-In: Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse

It's Monday, and time for another Diggin-In series where we get experts tips on how to make the most of our lawns & gardens during our short outdoor season.

Today Valley Today's Kristi Larson visited Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse to talk about everything from container gardening to keeping bouquets fresh.

J.D. Shotwell the Vice President of Shotwell Floral says one of the key things when making a container garden is to know what to use for the thrill, fill and spill.

The thrill is described as something that draws the eyes in, usually being a plant that give a container height in the center of the arrangement.

The Fill is the flowers. These should be where color is added, and usually kept shorter so it doesn't take away from the thrill.

And finally is the spill. This is the final component to help add more color, take up space and hang over the sides of the container.

"I also like to arrange these symmetrical." J.D. Shotwell says to keep the planter looking it's best.

Looking for Mother's Day ideas? A hanging basket could make the perfect gift that mom can enjoy the whole summer. J.D. says when picking out a basket it's important to know where it will be placed.

"Different flowers in the planters will grow better depending on the light," J.D. says, "so come in and ask us and we'd be more than happy to help."

One way to give mom flowers in a unique way would be to make your own bouquet arrangement. Shotwells sells stems so people can come and pick out flowers individually and arrange them yourself at home.

Not feeling that creative? Bouquets are made by floral designers in the store so they are ready to either be picked up or delivered.

Shotwell has a large greenhouse where a variety of plants are being grown. These can be anything from the hanging baskets to the flowers needed in your garden.

For more on Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse look for the link to the right of this story. The store in Fargo is located at 4000 40th St S, Fargo, ND 58104. Call Toll Free: 800-745-7494 or Local: 701-356-9377.