Diggin-In: Home Depot

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Every Monday Valley Todays Kristi Larson is getting the experts advice on how to have the best lawns and gardens for our short outdoor seasons.

This morning Kristi talked with Andrea Steele Operations Assistant Store Manager at Home Depot.

"If you haven't fertilized yet now's a great time." Andrea says with a smile. "The rain is going to make all the dandelion and weeds pop up, so it's a great time to do a weed and feed, kill those weeds out there plus green up your lawn. If you're one of those lucky few that don't have any weeds in your yard, then a straight fertilizer is the way to go."

And this summer may also be the right time for a new lawn mower.

"When it's time to cut you've got your nice Toro personal pace lawn mower. It has great options to adjust to your own walking speed verses trying to run behind some of these self propelled especially if you're short like me." Andrea laughs.

And after creating a beautiful space the last thing people want is a bunch of mosquitoes keeping your family indoors.

"We all know how much they can ruin a great night around the bonfire and everything, so either use a fogger for those quick fixers, or if you have a nice bigger area you want to cover and got a little time, the Mosquito Magnet is a fantastic product to try out." Andrea says.

Have more questions about your lawn, Andrea says to stop by the store.

"As always you can come in and ask us any questions, we always do our best to help out." Andrea says with a smile.

Kristi will be talking with another local expert Monday May 18th on the Valley Today from 5-7 a.m. for another segment of Diggin-In.