Crookston Man Nails Himself In The Eye

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We have the amazing story of a Crookston man, who's do it yourself home project went horribly wrong. It's a miracle that Jeff Aubol wasn't blinded or worse, after a nail became buried in his eye.

As his wife gave him a ride to the emergency room at Riverview Hospital in Crookston last week, Jeff Aubol took this amazing “selfie”.

No, this isn't photo shop or any kind of trick photography. That's a nail buried in the corner of his eye. It's wound up just a hair width away from blinding him or even worse.

Jeff Aubol, Crookston: “Oh, you bet. They said just centimeters either way and it would have caught my retina back there.”

It was a project on his honey-do list that went terribly wrong. Aubol was using a screw driver to pry a bracket from a window that's used to hang a shade, when the bracket popped off, along with a nail scoring a direct hit into his eye.

Jeff Aubol, Crookston: “There's 2 nails that hold the bracket and I'd worked them kind of loose and I went in the middle and pushed it a couple of times and the bottom nail came out.”

Reporter: “And it flew right in your eye?
Aubol: “Yeah, ha, ha.”

Reporter: “Did it hurt really bad?”

Aubol: “No, I just thought part of the bracket broke off and hit me in the eye. I was going to move it and see if I was bleeding and I couldn't move it. The nail was in my eye.”

They removed the nail and Aubol had surgery the next day to repair the wound. He was back at work as a maintenance man within a couple of days with a different attitude about any future honey-do projects.

Reporter: “Honey can you do this?”

Jeff Aubol, Crookston: “Ha, ha. That's about it… don't be in a hurry.”