Construction worker saves kitten stuck in dumpster covered in concrete and paint, "It couldn't move"

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A kitten is trying to lick concrete off her paws after being stuck inside a construction site dumpster for at least two days.

A Saint Cloud man doing construction work heard meowing while working at a North Fargo site. He thought it was coming from the building, but discovered a kitten, believed to be 6 weeks old, frozen in concrete and paint.

"There's a reason they are so dog gone cute," says Kelly Goranson, the construction worker who saved the kitten’s life. He's the reason little Kelly got her name.

"I don't know how the cat would climb up 6 feet dumpster and get in,” Kelly is from Saint Cloud, but was working at this construction site on 12th Avenue in North Fargo. His co-workers discovered a kitten trapped in concrete in this dumpster.

"That's when I asked my boss, do you hear a cat or something? And he says yeah, we found one in the dumpster. So they are the ones that found it, not me. They just put it in a box and gave it some food but it wouldn't eat, it could hardly move. And so after I looked at it a couple times I thought, well it's not going to do any good just sitting there, it needs some help. So I decided to take some time off of work and find a home.”

The vet was able to get enough concrete off the kitten’s paws for her to be able to walk again. Kelly still has some concrete, ear mites, and she is malnourished.

The owner of Cat’s Cradle in Downtown Fargo says she has never seen a cat stuck in concrete before. They have her with a foster family until she is ready to be adopted.

Cat's cradle shelter ends up paying for a lot of medical bills after situations like this one. This year is the first year the non-profit qualifies to be part of giving hearts day. They're looking for corporate donors, or others willing to donate.