Congressman Hurd wants agreement reworked that makes sharing cyber technology difficult

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) A Texas congressman says there need to be fewer barriers when it comes to sharing cyber information. Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) says an agreement among nations is hindering the ability of businesses and governments to keep their information secure.

Hurd says a 2013 agreement put harmful controls on the sharing of cyber technology. He says the agreement needs to be thrown out. What was originally intended for the purpose of arms control, the Wassenaar Arrangement expanded to the cyber space. Last May, the United States decided to implement these export controls on cyber technologies, which, Hurd says, received nearly unanimous opposition from technology and cybersecurity industries.

The controls make it so someone that wants to share a piece of technology or code has to go through an application process to acquire a license to share. The thinking behind this is that it could prevent code or technology from falling into the wrong hands.

Hurd, a computer science major in college, says cyber sharing requires immediacy. If one company or government doesn’t receive necessary code in a timely manner, it could have disastrous consequences .

“Like at my old company,” said Hurd. "We would try to break into a company, and we would tell them how we would do it, and share the tactics, techniques, and procedures that we would use to get in. Sharing that information under this agreement would’ve been a violation of the Wassenaar Agreement, which is absolutely crazy.”

Hurd says he wants President Obama to meet back in Wassenaar, Netherlands with all 41 participating countries, to completely rework the agreement.