Cleaning Out Your Closet

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As much as we may want to, buying more hangers is not the answer to our clogged up closet. Niki Larson the West Acres Social Media Manager and Marketing Coordinator is also an expert at cleaning closets.

Recently Niki visited the Valley Today's Kristi Larson's home to see what things she may be holding on to that could be donated or thrown away.

"I was a little nervous for her to come because I know I hang on to clothes for too long." Kristi said with a laugh.

Keep in mind Kristi, just like all our anchors and reporter, needs a variety of clothes for on air everyday.

"When you clean your closet decide what your main focus will be." Niki said. "So what type of clothing do you wear the most, and that is going to be a great initial starting point for what needs to be kept."

Start by looking at every item of clothing. If it's noticeably worn, you haven't worn it in over a year, it doesn't fit well , out of style or no longer age appropriate it should be either donated or thrown out.

If you aren't sure if you should keep or throw an item here's what to do. Try it on, get an opinion from a friend, see if it goes with anything else in your closet, and ask yourself what makes you want to keep it.

Still aren't sure? West Acres is there to help! Send a photo to #WASocialStylist on Twitter for personal style advice and tips. Also like West Acres on Facebook and every Friday they are answering your style questions.

Classic items are just one of the things to keep. Niki says if it is still trendy or fashion forward, keep it. Also keep it if it can create multiple outfits or goes with other pieces in your closet.

6 Staples Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet:
-Little Black Dress
-A pair of denim that suits your style and shape
-A great coat or jacket (denim, leather, a trench coat)
-Layering tees (long and short)
-A chambray or white button down shirt
-A cardigan

6 Staples Every Man Should Have In His Closet:
-A great fitting pair of jeans
-Layering tees (long and short)
-Collared button up shirt
-Sport coat/blazer and a casual jacket (denim, military style, leather)
-A well-fitting suit

Niki said it is okay splurge on items that are classic or on something you will wear a lot. Items to save money on? Those are the ones that are only seasonally in style, and things that may be out of your comfort zone.