Breaking Down Barriers With Hockey

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Breaking boundaries. That's the goal of one local organization who works to help kids with disabilities. This weekend, over 70 athletes from across North Dakota, Minnesota and even Canada competed together on the ice. It was all to give parents and children a chance to do something they never thought they could, play hockey.

April and Jason Hilde's two boys, Logan and Tanner play for the assist team "Hope Hurricanes." Logan has Cerebral palsy and Tanner has High-functioning Autism.

"Other sports they can't do, but these sports they modify things and make it possible for these kids to do," says April Hilde.

The family drives from Detroit Lakes to the Angel Arena in Fargo but they say it's worth every penny.

The Executive Director of HOPE, Incorporated, Adair Grommesh says the program assists kids and parents, to help everyone win.

"Hockey is a very expensive sport and we don't want to eliminate any kids that could take part in our program," says Grommesh.

For mom, April Hilde, this is her first time on the ice or in a rink. She's never ice skated and say's while it may be a challenge it's worth it.

Hope's assist team didn't win the match, but you can still catch the championship game. Minneapolis has one spot, the other team will be determined tomorrow. All teams are competing at Angels Arena in North Fargo, the final game is at 12:00 p.m.