Black Light Experiment: What Are You Spreading?

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Have you ever thought about how many things you touch during an average day? When it comes to spreading germs and a flu season that is now considered an epidemic -- it is worth considering.

We performed an experiment to show you just how fast germs can spread around a workplace. Anchor Lisa Budeau put Glo Germ powder on her hands, went about her day, and then used a black light to show exactly everything she touched.

Sanford Health's Dr. Michael Corbett says most people don't realize how fast things can spread, especially when people are working in close quarters. Dr. Corbett says, "If you are in a workplace... you know that someone gets sick... and then within a week or two the bug goes around, so to speak, and everyone eventually catches the bug."

When Lisa Budeau turned on the black light flashlight -- the newsroom lit up. Keyboards, doors, a whole makeup bag full of products and that high traffic area where the coffee pot all glowed.

Doctors say the Glo Germ kit is a great eye opener for people. It shows us how many things we touch and how important it is to wash our hands.