Bison ties in Seattle

"We live in Spokane, so we know Gonzaga, but we love NDSU. "

1957 NDSU Homecoming queen, Gloria Lloyd Irsfeld, Now lives here in Washington.

"And back when you were going to NDSU were you seeing as much success with sports as you are seeing now?," Nicole Johnson asked.

"No not nearly this has been a great change and we are very happy happy for the school," said Gloria Lloyd Irsfeld.

"And you are wearing green, and you are wearing blue," Johnson asked.

"Absolutely proud Gonzaga alumni and we had two kids that's graduated from Gonzaga. But I am partial to NDSU too because of my wife," said Mark Ohlsteom.

"And how did you become a bison fan," Johnson asked Ohlsteom's wife.

"I went to NDSU graduated from there and they were recruiting nurses in Washington, so I came to be a nurse," Cathy Ohlsteom explained.

"When I saw the prediction about a week ago on ESPN that Gongaza would be matched up with NDSU in Seattle and when I saw that I said if it happens We have to go. Sure enough that happened, and went online and got tickets to go to the game and celebrate it. It's just a great way two great universities, and sharron, the relationship and love we have together," Mark Ohlsteom said.

"We are rooting for both teams."

"Can you root for both teams?"

"We are going to. Hahaha."