Being thankful means a roof over your head and a hot meal

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The magic of Thanksgiving is alive and well in the Valley today. Hundreds of people gathered for a meal sponsored by the Northlands Rescue Mission in Grand Forks.
For some, the only thing it takes to give thanks, is a roof over their head and a hot meal.
All of the folks living here at the Northlands Rescue Mission have had a tough year.
Tobias Donaldson fled some troubles in Oklahoma and now finds himself broke, living and working here at the Mission, but at least with a goal in life.
Tobias Donaldson, Mission Resident: “I’m working on my G.E.D. so I can have more career opportunities and I’m planning on joining the military if possible.”
Even Donaldson says he has reason to give thanks today.
Tobias Donaldson: “For the good people here in Grand Forks, pretty nice people.”
Brooke who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident didn’t want her face on camera. She finds herself at the Mission, after her husband left her. But, she also, still finds reason to give thanks .
Brooke, Mission Resident: “I’m grateful there’s a warm roof over my head and meals provided during the day.”
Thomas Jackson is on probation, but recently got a job at a Grand Forks restaurant and also works at the Mission.
Thomas Jackson, Mission Resident: “I’m thankful for this place to have a roof over my head and the opportunity to do what I can for this place.”
Man: “I’m just the starter, that’s the gravy expert.”
One-hundred-twenty volunteers joined in the spirit of Thanksgiving today, by cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner for Mission residents and hundreds of others around Greater Grand Forks.
Some of the meals were delivered to those who are stuck at home, but hundreds more received their Thanksgiving dinner at St. Paul’s Church next door.
Everyone received a hot meal and a place to share it with someone.
Laralee Tupa, Northlands Rescue Mission: “A lot of caretakers call us and they’re dropping off people. A lot of elderly people will be here today. People who just don’t have family anymore for one reason or another, or it’s tough to get from paycheck to paycheck sometimes and eat by yourself…ha.”
On this Thanksgiving day, around 600 people can give thanks to the kindness of others.
All of the food for that meal was donated by companies and individuals. Texas Roadhouse cooked the turkeys free of charge, the rest of the meal was cooked and served by mission residents and volunteers.