Barnes County North parents choose Lori Carlson, Anne Osborne to face recall election

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WIMBLEDON, N.D. (Valley News Live) Barnes County North Public School faces more unrest as another administrator, elementary principal Joan Klein, is set to leave at the end of school year, school board member Dale Van Erem resigned, and some teachers are looking for employment elsewhere, according to a concerned parent.

Back in November, BCN parents decided a recall election was their only resort to deal with what they called an arrogant and uncooperative board. Parents said the board is the reason behind Superintendent Mark Lindahl retiring at the end of the current school year. Lindahl hasn't commented on the matter.

"There's going to be two people that we're gonna.. if the petitions are approved for circulation, there will be two people that we're gonna be asking for signatures for recall. That would be Anne Osborne and Lori Carlson," Curt Brown, a BCN parent, said.

Brown also said the parents are looking for someone willing to run for the Spiritwood spot currently held by Chairwoman Lori Carlson.

School board chairwoman Lori Carlson said the board has done nothing wrong that would merit a recall of any school board member.

Valley News Live will continue to follow this developing story.