Barn Fire Kills 4-H Show Animals

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Cows mooing, the bellowing of goats, and over thirty birds all making the sounds of chaos.

Jayce Lizakowski is 13.

He's been in 4-H since kindergarten.

Twice a day he goes out to a pole barn to care for his show animals.

He’s been caring for the animals since birth, even bottle feeding some of them, but not anymore.

"When we first saw it we just didn't really believe it, and then when the fire people came, it was just too late for them to do anything," said Cassidy Lizakowski, Jayce’s sister.

The roof of the barn had collapsed; trapping Jayce’s three cows, five goats, nearly thirty chickens, six guinea hens, and a peacock.

"Yeah it was very hard, we lost a lot here and we're not even going to get a portion of it back," said Jay Lizakowski, Jayce’s dad.

Only a handful of the animals survived; one chicken, one cow, a lama, and a handful of goats.

Jayce says the hardest part was seeing his favorite animal, a Billy goat, fight for his life and still not make it.

"When I come out here they were all already dead, the only thing that was kind of creepy was the Billy got all burnt up. He must have busted down the gate or something 'cause he got out but he was all burnt,” said Jayce, "We had to put him down," he added.

Jayce still plans on competing in 4-H this year, after he rebuilds his collection of show animals from the ground up.

"I’m going to get some chickens from some of our friends and I got a goat that ran out of the barn, going to buy some cows from some people up north," said Jayce.

For now, the family says they have their hands full sorting through the debris and looking for anything salvageable.

The cause of the fire is still unknown at this time.