BCN recall election petition to begin circulation

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Wimbledon, ND (Valley News Live) Barnes County North School District held a meeting Monday night to get input on qualities the parents would like to see in a new superintendent.

The meeting came after parents decided to petition for a recall election of School Board Chairwoman Lori Carlson, with the resignation of Superintendent, Principal, and Activities Director Mark Lindahl being one of the deciding factors.

Carlson told News Dakota, the claim made by parents that the board is micromanaging stems from a landscaping project where she said the board saved the tax payers money. Carlson said she doesn’t know how to respond to the parents' claims of arrogance, which the parents said proves their point.

“She has tried to minimalize what’s going on and maybe misdirect what the issues are rather than talking to us and finding out what the problems, the issues we have. We’ve decided that we do want to move forward with a recall of her. We’ve got the sponsors to be able to do that and we’re going to move forward with the petition,” Anita Soupir, a BCN parent, said.

Parents said they will get the petition circulated within the coming weeks.